Video Poker

Video poker gives you the edge by helping you to control your odds. A cool combination between slots and poker, video poker arises as an exciting strategic flirt with Lady Luck. For those who aren’t afraid to walk on the wild side, this is a game you have to try out. The Fortune Lounge Group of casinos offers players a variety of games, including the most basic video poker, Jacks or Better.

For beginners, I’d suggest stick with this game until you have mastered your own strategy and then progress gradually to other more advanced games like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, All American and Aces and Faces. Jacks or Better is easy because it only uses 52 cards, a deck as it is more commonly known, and there are no wild cards to complicate matters.

The game is simple; win as much as you can with the best of a five card draw. That means chopping and changing your original hand as much as or as little as possible to reflect one of the many tabulated combinations on the payout schedule in order to strike it lucky. I suggest you take a good look at the payout schedule before you start playing because this will help you to know the kind of hands you want to select. Please do note that while hands and betting are the basic rules, there is much, much more to being a successful video poker player.

Your game needs to be crafty and clever in order to outsmart the machine. Once you’re inserted coins and received your first five cards, use the ‘hold’ and ‘deal’ buttons carefully to improve your hand. Once you’re settled on your hand, hit the ‘draw’ button to reveal your winning formula. If it matches the ranks on the payout table, you will get a payout. Learn to gamble responsibly by taking some time to research terms like draw poker, slots and find out how you can improve your strategy.

You’ll be a better player on the floor and open yourself up to more opportunities of winning when online.

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