US Department of Justice Issues Restraining Order to BetOnSports

The US Department of Justice issued a restraining order to Bet On Sports in relation to the indictment of Bet On Sports CEO David Carruthers.

The Department of Justice issued an order to Bet On Sports to stop taking bets from U.S residents at once.

To follow the Justice Department order, the online site has issued a statement on its website that informs the online players that due to the recent court fillings, all financial dealings are temporarily disabled for US residents.

Due to the recent charges against the executives and founder of Bet On Sports, the account holders at the online gambling site are in an indeterminate state.

The customer service for the online bookie also temporarily halted its services.

US Federal District Court had issued the ban last Monday in the Eastern District of Missouri.

Illegal taking of bets, tax evasion, and fraud are the charges the eleven indicted executives of Bet On Sports are facing.

The Bet On Sports director is not commenting on the issue as they are still looking at their legal options.

The Bet On Sports stocks were also frozen and analysts expected it to remain in that state until after the court battle is resolved.

The actions of the Justice Department are being questioned but the Justice Department asserts the Wire Act binds that move.

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