Color The Casino Green!

Green trees, green grass, green leaves, green tea —-all in green color meaning growth. Dollars or green bucks or green money means growth and life. Money grows when it is well managed.

The casino adventure will fascinate you and will comfort you in a make-believe fashion. Casino houses magnetize its players to stay as long as possible and play some more to unload lots of money to his disadvantage. The probability of winning is left to chance or luck. A player bets more when he is winning and bets less when he is losing. Every individual finds different ways of managing his assets in a casino. He thinks of doubling his money right away from its original face value.

Think that when you bet all at one time, the one who has the advantage is the casino. An important rule is to make sure that you can roll your greens and yet be conscious whether you do still have enough money left when you plan for another visit to the casino. Study the risk at hand so that you do not succumb to regrets later on.

Log in to your record book your wins and losses. Start reassessing your money to manage it well. You wish to color your wallet green all over at a quick span of time but sometimes it is good to take a break and read your record book before you make your next move. Then you can have the reasons for going back to the table or go home.

The greening of your life is not limited to casino life. It is also greening your family needs for the home and the schooling of the children. There is the budgeting homework for both the casino and the home. Neither one must jeopardize the role it has to do. In the end, careful planning will bring good results. Be wise in not mixing your expenditure money for casino and the home in one wallet. Either way, you will be tempted to pick on which one you have no control to budget Follow your plan of action to bankroll and keep it safe and secured.

Pre-plan your stay at the casino. Your stay could be from two days to four days. Therefore apportion ion your money to the number of days you want to stay. Another wise move is to give yourself a few breaks. Get up from your seat. Walk around. Better yet break your betting time at different times of the day. Avoid being glued to your seat for a long time. Your disposition and temperament may not take the seating down well. Move around to break the cycle of losses.

Think of your money. It is yours to safeguard it, The casino cannot hold you longer then you desire.

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