Buffalo and Senecas Open for Casino Negotiation

The City of Buffalo, through Mayor Byron W. Brown, has confirmed on Thursday that the city is open again for any possible negotiations with the Seneca Nation of Indians regarding the downtown casino at the Fulton Street.

The Seneca Nation of Indians has also backed up on the same day the new progress about their casino talks with Buffalo.

Seneca Gaming Corporation’s Development Chief Rajat Sinah said that they are looking forward to another meaty discussion with Buffalo officials.

A day before the confirmation, Mayor Brown had already formally ended the sale of two Fulton Street blocks to the Senecas and the latter has then expressed its decision to choose another casino venue, which is little less grand than that of the Fulton Street.

According to the Wednesday statement made by Mayor Brown, the city of Buffalo proposed a legally binding agreement with the Senecas that would guarantee job opportunities to Buffalo residents and emphasize marketing strategies for attracting not only local, but also non-Buffalo gamblers.

Mayor Brown was quoted as saying that he wanted the Seneca Nation of Indians to enter into a written contract with them, but the Senecas ignored his points about economic benefits of the deal and were unwilling to be bound by the stipulations.

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