Best Online Casino Betting Sites

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Many users wonder to themselves if top participants found in the internet wagering hall industry are trustworthy.
Generally, yes. Professional online gaming room doesn`t have to operate questionable games in order to make a profit since establishment`s edge and gambler mistakes give them a stable source of income. The house percentage for online poker has an identical reason. Nevertheless, dishonest gambling hall website exists. The most common comment is that certain betting room brands are sluggish to pay winnings or lock player access saying that users have abused their games or participated suspiciously. In several widely mentioned events, internet wagering room hasn`t paid yet. We strongly advise that gamblers take a look at the major online wagering hall communication features with the latest details on issues or with a certain gambling hall.
gambling room website generally accepts deposits by Neteller, FirePay, Citadel, bank check, money order, electronic payment or many other options. Once, many gamblers used charge cards but the large companies have now restricted or not released deposits to betting room website. Because credit corporations withdrew from the Casinos On-Line business, other options, such Neteller, emerged as a primary method of many online betting hall businesses. Since they`re presently trailing the companies away from the online gaming industry that leaves 3rd party systems, such Neteller and Citadel, to pick up the slack.
In certain situations, financial dealings are handled directly by provider-associated wire cash services, such as InterCasino`s implementation of Cryptologic`s Ecash option.

Make use of the research above in the role of a roadmap to be of service to you in relation to ” casinos online betting ” in the future.

Video Poker

Video poker gives you the edge by helping you to control your odds. A cool combination between slots and poker, video poker arises as an exciting strategic flirt with Lady Luck. For those who aren’t afraid to walk on the wild side, this is a game you have to try out. The Fortune Lounge Group of casinos offers players a variety of games, including the most basic video poker, Jacks or Better.

For beginners, I’d suggest stick with this game until you have mastered your own strategy and then progress gradually to other more advanced games like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, All American and Aces and Faces. Jacks or Better is easy because it only uses 52 cards, a deck as it is more commonly known, and there are no wild cards to complicate matters.

The game is simple; win as much as you can with the best of a five card draw. That means chopping and changing your original hand as much as or as little as possible to reflect one of the many tabulated combinations on the payout schedule in order to strike it lucky. I suggest you take a good look at the payout schedule before you start playing because this will help you to know the kind of hands you want to select. Please do note that while hands and betting are the basic rules, there is much, much more to being a successful video poker player.

Your game needs to be crafty and clever in order to outsmart the machine. Once you’re inserted coins and received your first five cards, use the ‘hold’ and ‘deal’ buttons carefully to improve your hand. Once you’re settled on your hand, hit the ‘draw’ button to reveal your winning formula. If it matches the ranks on the payout table, you will get a payout. Learn to gamble responsibly by taking some time to research terms like draw poker, slots and find out how you can improve your strategy.

You’ll be a better player on the floor and open yourself up to more opportunities of winning when online.


Roulette conjures up an air of sophistication because it is just as exhilarating and remarkable as any Bond escapade. The game remains relatively popular in European states and has managed to latch on to the online casino invasion too. The roulette wheel symbolizes gambling at its best and worst because it can be risky and rewarding in the same instance, and this is what makes Roulette unique. The game is played around a table that has a wheel which is marked with numbers 00 to 36 on it. The dealer takes the first round of bets at the begging and then lets the ball drop in the reverse direction of the spin of the wheel. The game ends when the ball comes to halt, hopefully on your chosen lucky number.

This is also the aim of your game, to beat the house by guessing the number the ball will land on 100% correctly. It is sure a sure way of you becoming a winner and reaping the rewards of your hard work. You must lay down a bet on your prediction, however, to be able to stand a chance of winning. There is no limit on how many times you’re allowed to bet but in order to stay in the game, one needs to lay down a minimum bet before the wheel is spun.

A good idea would be to wager bets on a few numbers to increase your edge against the house. This will also give you a greater chance of winning because the more numbers you bet on the better probability that the ball is likely to land on one of them. A combination of betting for direct numbers and placing smaller bets on the squares outside of the numbers will help you to strike a balanced bet that is sure to win. The only strategy that I can suggest to improve your game is to work on your mathematics and to try and train your brain into correctly guessing the winning number. A word of advice that you should try to abide by is knowing when to stop forcing the fun.

If your winnings don’t come close to covering the losses you’ve made, there’s a problem and you need to be responsible enough to let go of the game and move on. Be the bigger man and don’t let the wheel get the better of you.


There is a number of blackjack games around, and at least five of them are on offer at each of the Fortune Lounge Group’s casinos. If you’re new to the game then there a few general rules you should keep in mind when trying out any of these games and be sure to read up any of the specialized rules you might be required to know for a particular type of blackjack. Blackjack is a game where instead of putting the focus on beating your opponents with the help of a third party, you have to go up against a combined attack where no one is your friend.

The third party is actually the dealer and the aim of the game is to beat him/her by getting to the total score of 21, which is why blackjack is also called ’21’. In order to beat the dealer, one needs to know the value of cards in a deck because this is how one tallies up the score at the end. In some blackjack games, multiple decks are used, but the card rankings usually stay the same. Lower cards which take on the same value as they show are cards 2 to 10, higher cards include Kings, Queens, and Jacks that all are worth 10, and the royal Ace cards can either reflect a value of 1 or 11. In other words, if you start out with an Ace, you have a good chance of getting blackjack or 21 quicker, but once you’re in the game, you are limited to an additional nine cards in which to make up your hand of eleven cards. Bets are made at the begging of the game before cards are dealt out by the dealer and during the game, bets can be doubled, split at any time. When facing the dealer, players can hit, stand or draw their bets with the dealer during the movement of play, and if you happen to tie (push) with the dealer then you win back your first bet.

If you go bust i.e. your hand totals more than 21, you lose and have to forfeit any bets placed during the game. Blackjack is a game of chance and can be won if one has the knowledge and discipline when gaming. That means knowing when to surrender and cut your losses

Online Casinos Money Management

A well-known casino owner in Vegas once stated that in his casino every one wins, but they simply lose it all again. And in fact, the secret in gambling is to know when to stop playing, or even more – when to stop losing. It’s no secret that every online casino games have a house edge that prevents players from making money in the long run, but what about the short-run?

In the short run you can easily make up to thousands of dollars, in few hands, but you can also lose that amount in few hands, so, how do you stop playing in an online casino just in time before you lose it all? The answer is short sessions.

Short sessions are the ultimate solution for winning at online casinos – just like a commando team – you go in and you go out as quickly as possible and with the net profit.

By narrowing down the time you spend in online casinos you increase your chances to produce more money without losing it and that’s what money management is all about!

Countermeasures of Online Casinos to Protect Gamblers from Online Fraud

Online fraud is a major security concern among online casino establishments. The incidence of online frauds years back were notoriously committed owing to the less strict implementation of security measures of online casinos.

However, online gamblers are no longer subjected to fraudulent online activities owing to the more advanced standards provided by online casino operators that are meant to provide protection and security to their online players.

Online gambling fraud may be in the form of cheating and hacking through the online gambler’s online casino accounts that allow third party individuals to get hold vital financial information about an online casino player.

One of the major problems with online poker rooms is player collusion subjecting poker players to be on a disadvantage side when playing against online colluding players in poker.

The colluding players may enter into an agreement to play poker in a manner that they can extract money from other players through a conniving game that brings other players to be in an unfair and disadvantaged situation.

Online casino players are protected by casino operators from this type of fraudulent activities by enhancing their detecting capabilities such as forming security personnel to monitor each of the poker player’s hand histories and detecting any pattern of questionable behavior.

Furthermore, online casinos strengthen their drive against online collusion and fraud by monitoring their player’s IP addresses. This enhances the detection of players living on the same household who are playing on the same poker table.

To protect online gambler’s financial and personal records from an online casino site, gambling operators now enforce an encryption technology of the best kind which uses a 128-bit SSL encryption process.

This same technology is used by banks and credit card companies to prevent outside parties to monitor online financial transaction activities. Online players can determine whether they are making secured online casino transactions by looking for the lock icon displayed on their browser window.

Online casinos now also provide their online players an online financial transaction record that allows their online players to view the records of their deposits which also include the player’s financial history information.

Online casinos also employ the same encryption technology to allow their online players to browse through their financial transactions to the casino site in a more secured environment.

These are the most common forms of countermeasures undertaken by online casinos in an effort to protect their online players from the occurrence of online fraud from their establishment.

These countermeasures of online casinos also reduced the incidence of fraud in online gambling sites thereby providing online casino players better confidence and assurance that they are playing in a secured and safe online gambling environment.

Color The Casino Green!

Green trees, green grass, green leaves, green tea —-all in green color meaning growth. Dollars or green bucks or green money means growth and life. Money grows when it is well managed.

The casino adventure will fascinate you and will comfort you in a make-believe fashion. Casino houses magnetize its players to stay as long as possible and play some more to unload lots of money to his disadvantage. The probability of winning is left to chance or luck. A player bets more when he is winning and bets less when he is losing. Every individual finds different ways of managing his assets in a casino. He thinks of doubling his money right away from its original face value.

Think that when you bet all at one time, the one who has the advantage is the casino. An important rule is to make sure that you can roll your greens and yet be conscious whether you do still have enough money left when you plan for another visit to the casino. Study the risk at hand so that you do not succumb to regrets later on.

Log in to your record book your wins and losses. Start reassessing your money to manage it well. You wish to color your wallet green all over at a quick span of time but sometimes it is good to take a break and read your record book before you make your next move. Then you can have the reasons for going back to the table or go home.

The greening of your life is not limited to casino life. It is also greening your family needs for the home and the schooling of the children. There is the budgeting homework for both the casino and the home. Neither one must jeopardize the role it has to do. In the end, careful planning will bring good results. Be wise in not mixing your expenditure money for casino and the home in one wallet. Either way, you will be tempted to pick on which one you have no control to budget Follow your plan of action to bankroll and keep it safe and secured.

Pre-plan your stay at the casino. Your stay could be from two days to four days. Therefore apportion ion your money to the number of days you want to stay. Another wise move is to give yourself a few breaks. Get up from your seat. Walk around. Better yet break your betting time at different times of the day. Avoid being glued to your seat for a long time. Your disposition and temperament may not take the seating down well. Move around to break the cycle of losses.

Think of your money. It is yours to safeguard it, The casino cannot hold you longer then you desire.

Brain Factors In Gambling

The growth of gambling problems has become controversial which has significant impact to the society. The progression of an entertainment gambler into a compulsive gambler affects the entire family of the gambler with extended effects to the society. The treatment for gambling is basically more of counseling approach as gambling can also be likened to a mental illness with psychological factors that affect a compulsive gambler’s behavior.

Several studies were conducted to understand the gambling behaviors of a person. The basic premise would be due to the fact that gambling can become an outlet for a person to release stress and anxiety. The effects of winning can also be very rewarding to the gambler. This makes a gambler cling to the notion of earning fast money. The concept of winning fast and big cash through gambling can provoke a gambler to bet more. The psychological aspect of attaining the reward of big prizes can make a gambler push their selves beyond their limits. Greater satisfaction is felt when this goal to win is achieved.

Gamblers gamble for varied reasons. The mind of a gambler is complex that different reasons may motivate a gambler to indulge in gambling. Some would like to satisfy their needs to belong. The sense of belongingness can be satisfied through gambling where gamblers gain recognition upon winning big cash prizes and from the complimentary returns issued to valued patrons by a gambling establishment that makes them feel important and valued.

Gambling can also become a source of escape from certain situation such as anxiety, boredom and loneliness. The complex behaviors seen from gamblers are also highly influenced by some brain factors. These brain factors can be traced from the nerve impulses that signal the brain to order the manifestations of different emotional psychological and behavioral actions.

There are 3 identified neurotransmitters that influence the transmission of these impulses to the brain waves. The dopamine released in the brain is mainly responsible for the satisfying feeling a gambler felt upon winning from their wagers. Any increase of dopamine release can motivate a person to place more bets in order to win big and to attain a better satisfying feelings.

The serotonin in the brain can be considered as the villain on the various emotional behaviors seen from gamblers. Failure to participate in gambling can attack the gambler with different emotional feelings of anxiety and stress with the feeling of increased desire to gamble in order to escape a stressful situation.

The norepinephrine in the brain greatly influences a gambler to respond to the remorse feeling felt by a gambler such as loneliness, great boredom and anxiety. It influences the brain’s decision to remedy the stressful situation of the gambler being the “flight and fight” system of the brain. A gambler who lacks control of themselves can turn to gambling activities to fight over the emotional turmoil they felt to escape. While other gambler whose minds are able to manage to maintain composure to refrain from using gambling as an escape and instead turn to doing other recourse to remedy their problems such as prayers, meditation, relaxation and exercise.

US Department of Justice Issues Restraining Order to BetOnSports

The US Department of Justice issued a restraining order to Bet On Sports in relation to the indictment of Bet On Sports CEO David Carruthers.

The Department of Justice issued an order to Bet On Sports to stop taking bets from U.S residents at once.

To follow the Justice Department order, the online site has issued a statement on its website that informs the online players that due to the recent court fillings, all financial dealings are temporarily disabled for US residents.

Due to the recent charges against the executives and founder of Bet On Sports, the account holders at the online gambling site are in an indeterminate state.

The customer service for the online bookie also temporarily halted its services.

US Federal District Court had issued the ban last Monday in the Eastern District of Missouri.

Illegal taking of bets, tax evasion, and fraud are the charges the eleven indicted executives of Bet On Sports are facing.

The Bet On Sports director is not commenting on the issue as they are still looking at their legal options.

The Bet On Sports stocks were also frozen and analysts expected it to remain in that state until after the court battle is resolved.

The actions of the Justice Department are being questioned but the Justice Department asserts the Wire Act binds that move.

Camelot Will Keep Its License Says Citigroup

Citigroup has issued remarks saying it is highly probable for London-based Camelot Group plc. to maintain its license to operate Britain’s National Lottery from 2009, which significantly slims the chances of Tattersall in winning its bid against Camelot.

In its note to clients, Citigroup pointed out that the majority of the lottery industry — who knows the U.K. gambling market very well — actually expects Camelot to grab the license for a third term.

Citigroup noted that for the past three years, Camelot has brought in a compound annual ticket sales growth of 4.4% which clearly indicates Camelot’s solid success in establishing a reliable professional history in running the lottery in the U.K.

In terms of actual payouts, projects relating to “good causes” are the recipient of 28% of Camelot sales while another 12% goes to the U.K. government for the permission to operate the National Lottery.

In previous interviews, Tattersall’s chief financial officer Ray Gunston had said that it was ready to operate using the same terms being implemented currently by Camelot.

The National Lottery Commission in U.K. launched the competition for the 10-year license to run U.K. lotteries from 2009 last month.

Tattersall has until December 15 to bid for the 10-year license.